In today’s highly competitive pharmaceutical industry, Plexus Ventures offers clients extensive divestment know-how and experience.

We are experts in pharmaceutical divestments, with an impressive record of successful divestment transactions completed for major pharmaceutical clients. We orchestrate divestiture deals against challenging timetables while providing guidance during every phase of the process.


  • Assess the net present value of divestment candidates
  • Target prospective buyers
  • Orchestrate competition
  • Manage due diligence
  • Negotiate definitive agreements
  • Direct the transfer of marketing authorizations and creation of a new supply chain following divestment

When it comes to pharmaceutical divestments, Plexus Ventures offers specific skills, experience, and attributes that investment banks or your company's internal resources simply cannot match:

Pharmaceutical Experience + - +
Focus + - -
Absence of Conflicting Interests + - +
Speed + + -
Success Based Fee + - ?
Divestiture Know-How + + -

The Plexus team is skilled in identifying potential buyers on a global or regional basis. We take a proactive, persistent approach in targeting buyers and generating competition among them to maximize proceeds and deal terms for our clients.


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