In the last decade, pharmaceutical companies have become more dependent on in-licensing products to accelerate sales and growth. The search for licensable assets is highly competitive and becoming more so each year. How do you find and approach the right in-licensing partners and secure the best deals?

Plexus Ventures is your complete global in-licensing advisor. We help companies of all sizes identify and evaluate in-licensing opportunities on a regional or worldwide basis, at every phase of development from early-stage to market-ready product. We have a proven track record of negotiating in-licensing agreements that lead to successful, mutually rewarding partnerships.

Our disciplined and proven process guides you through the entire in-licensing transaction, from initial targeting to deal structuring to post-deal assistance.


  • Identify licensing opportunities
  • Promote your partnering capabilities
  • Facilitate discussions under confidentiality
  • Evaluate opportunities
  • Design appropriate transaction structures
  • Assist with due diligence investigation
  • Negotiate definitive agreements
  • Provide post-closing assistance


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