“Los Angeles, California — Plexus Ventures is pleased to announce the successful completion of a recent divestment project. Plexus provided professional services to the seller in their divestment of the Zyma® Brands to Rottapharm | Madaus in 19 countries including France, Germany and Italy.

Pino Modica, the Plexus Ventures partner responsible for the project, commented: “We are extremely pleased we were able to help our client succeed in this project. This was a complex transaction requiring significant time and energy from all parties involved. We have shown once again that our persistence leads to success even in the most challenging assignments.”

Additional details of the transaction, as released by Rottapharm | Madaus on March 12, 2013 are included below:

Zyma® Brands are leading products in the Vit D and Fluoride supplement segments. The Brands are primarily targeted for use in pediatric patients for the prevention of dental caries (Zymafluor®), the prevention and treatment of rickets (ZymaD®) or for preventing both conditions simultaneously (Zymaduo®/Zymafluor®D) , but they have increasing relevance to the adult and geriatric markets thanks to Vit D.

The products occupy leading shares in their categories in the major markets.

Net sales of the Zyma® Brands in the 19 markets where the Brands are marketed are expected to reach in 2013‚ €17 million, with over 90% of sales generated in the three major European markets of France, Italy and Germany. The main market for ZymaD® is France where the forecasted sales for the current year are about‚ €10 million.

“There is strong potential to grow the Brands in the territories” declared Vincenzo Maglione, COO of Rottapharm | Madaus. “ZymaD® can achieve significant growth in the market with targeted promotion to medical professionals treating children through older adults. Rottapharm|Madaus has a strong know how in the Osteoarticular area with products both for Osteoarthritis and Osteoporosis (Dona®, Osaflexan®, Go-On® Calcigen-D® are some of main brands); the ZymaD® products will give to the group excellent opportunities to grow further in this therapeutic area; at the same time the high reputation gained by Rottapharm | Madaus among the community of pediatricians selling top brands like Babygella line, will give the possibility to further sensitize towards the use Fluoride and Vit D in children.”